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Life & Business COaching

For Dreamers, Doers, and Creators

Imagine your most daring dreams made manifest.
Your biggest challenges distant memories. That’s the power of coaching.

Coaching is a process where you awaken your inner-most calling, identify where you dream to be, and create a roadmap of inspired action to get there.

A container of creativity and growth where you have the freedom to lean into your most audacious dreams and overcome your biggest obstacles.

The Two Levels of Coaching

I work with my clients to grow on two levels—their being, and their doing. Their soul-line, and their goal-line. When these are in alignment, fulfillment naturally emerges.

Soul-Line:  Being

Your soul-line leads to your highest-self, deepest calling, and most authentic self. It’s about awakening and activating your soul’s truth. It’s your connection to source.

Goal-Line:  Doing

Your goal-line leads to your most audacious dreams and biggest goals. It’s about what you want to create, build, and achieve in this human experience called life.

A Journey From the Inside-Out

I take an inside-out approach to the coaching journey with my clients:

Your North Star:  Being

We begin at the level of being—your most authentic self at your soul’s truth. We discover your calling, your natural state of flow, and the unique impact you want to create in the world.

Paint Your Vision:  Dreaming

We create your vision—where you dream to be personally and professionally. The lifestyle you dream of living, the business you dream of leading, and the impact you dream of creating.

Step Into Your Power:  Mindset

We identify the type of person do you need to be to create your vision and bring your dreams to life. This is about embodying your vision and tapping into the wisdom of your higher self.

Create Your Roadmap:  Strategy

We create a detailed roadmap to bring your vision to life. This is about making a concrete, tangible plan of action to bring your vision into physical reality.

Lean Into Inspired Action:  Habits

We will move into inspired action to create your vision. This is about adopting new habits and stepping into flow. A place of alignment where every action is driven by your North Star.

Each of us is here for a very specific reason.

Each of us has a unique message to share, contribution to make, and mark to leave on the world.

The journey of coaching supports you to awaken your truth, step into your power, and embody your fullest potential to make your mark and create your legacy.

Want to know more about Life & Business Coaching?

Join me for a Discovery Call.
Let’s talk about where you are, and where you dream to be.

For Coaches

The Practice Within

For Coaches

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The Practice Within

Journey to the Heart of Your Practice

You were called to coaching. You’ve seen client success.
But now, you’re ready to build your practice and dive deeper into your calling.

If you’re ready to shine and thrive as a coach and as an entrepreneur, you’re in the right place.

You were called to coaching.
You’ve seen client success.

But now, you’re ready to build your practice and dive deeper into your calling.

If you’re ready to shine and thrive as a coach and as an entrepreneur, you’re in the right place.

Can you imagine…

  • Building a thriving soul-aligned coaching practice?
  • Knowing with confidence who you help and how you help them?
  • Clearly expressing the value and tangible results your clients will get?
  • Consistently attracting clients who spark your joy and align with your essence?
  • Stepping into your power and discovering your unique voice as a coach?
  • Focusing your practice on what you’re truly passionate about?
  • Stepping into value-based pricing and earning what you’re worth?
  • Cultivating a powerful presence and embodying your full potential?
  • Deepening your coaching commitment, impact, and client results?
  • Creating ripples of transformation in service of your mission?
  • Building a community of followers who resonate with your message?
  • Inspiring change beyond coaching through a life of embodied leadership?
  • Connecting and growing with other like-minded coaches?

The Path to Soul-Aligned Success

The Practice Within is a journey to the heart of your practice as a coach.

It’s a six-month, group-based journey that builds your business from the inside-out.

A process of awakening your essence, aligning your practice, and amplifying your impact to create the coaching practice of your dreams, and a passionate mission-driven life.

Together, they form the path to soul-aligned success and your legacy.

Pillar 1

Your Essence

Milestone 1

Find Your North Star

  • Connect with the core of your mission and calling as a coach
  • Awaken and embody your unique voice as a coach
  • Uncover the unique value you offer and what sets you apart
  • Discover your state of flow and natural path to success

Milestone 2

Paint Your Vision

  • Craft the vision of your ideal coaching practice and life
  • Define the coach you aspire to be and your impact
  • Design a business model supporting your lifestyle goals
  • Embody the energy of who you need to be to create your vision

Pillar 2

Your Practice

Milestone 3

Find Your Ideal Client

  • Discover the ideal client aligned to your essence and calling
  • Reveal the golden thread connecting your journey to theirs
  • Uncover their challenges and identify the support they need
  • Map the transformation guiding your ideal client to their dreams

Milestone 4

Activate Your Value

  • Create a signature program tailored to your ideal client
  • Define the tangible outcomes and value created at each step
  • Design your client journey from engagement to transformation
  • Set pricing based on the value you create – not your time

Pillar 3

Your Impact

Milestone 5

Shine Your Light

  • Turn your ideal client’s dreams into a message that resonates
  • Craft messaging that mirrors your unique voice and style
  • Tell your origin story to inspire and empower your ideal client
  • Learn to consistently create clients in a way you enjoy

Milestone 6

Step Into Your Power

  • Cultivate a powerful presence and embody your full potential
  • Activate the formula of abundance in your life and practice
  • Create rhythms and routines for flow and accountability
  • Step into self-leadership and embrace bold inspired action




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This is for you if…

You’re a coach with at least 1–3 years of experience.

You’ve seen client success with your coaching skills.

You’re willing to be vulnerable, show up authentically, and play full-out.

This isn’t for you if…

You’re not ready to invest in your personal or professional growth.

You’re not willing to put in the time, energy, and work required.

You’re looking for quick fixes without the depth of true transformation.

Want to know more about The Practice Within?

Join me for a Discovery Call.
Let’s talk about where you are, and where you dream to be.

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For Organizations

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North Star Society

Step into your power.
Stake claim to your dreams.

North Star Society is a community of high-caliber freedom-seeking entrepreneurs committed to leaning hard in the direction of their dreams and making a massive impact on the world.

Through community and culture, group and private coaching, co-creation, accountability, retreats, and adventurous experiences, North Star Society supports every step of your journey.

It is a space of learning, personal development, and continuous growth. It is a space to manifest your vision and make quantum leaps in your life and business with support, structure, and accountability.

North Star Society is not for everyone. It is for select graduates of Roadmap to Freedom. It is reserved for entrepreneurs with a deep desire for growth, and a demonstrated commitment to excellence, personal development, and leaning hard in the direction of their dreams.

Want to know more about North Star Society?

Join me for a Discovery Call.
Let’s talk about where you are in life and business, and where you dream to be.