Roadmap to Freedom

Are you ready for deeper fulfillment, more freedom, and purposeful impact?

Join me for an eight-week journey of lifestyle and business design.

Design your life. Align your business. Amplify your impact.

Roadmap to Freedom is an eight-week journey of lifestyle and business design.

Create a business that is a reflection of your essence, values, and the unique lifestyle you want to live.

Hi. I’m Justin.

I help entrepreneurs create deeper fulfillment, more freedom, and purposeful impact in business and life.

To do this, I help them realign or create their business from the inside-out, so it becomes a true reflection of their essence, values, and the unique lifestyle they dream of living.

Are you ready to…

  • Design and step into the lifestyle you have dreamed of living?
  • Have clarity on the freedom-based business you want to create?
  • Create your signature offer, customer journey, and pricing model?
  • Awaken the creative free spirit and wisdom within you?
  • Feel like you never work a day in your life again?
  • Break free from the monotony and grind of the tethered life?
  • Live an untethered life and work from anywhere in the world?
  • Inspire and lead others through a mindset and lifestyle of embodied leadership?
  • Connect and grow with other like-minded freedom-seeking entrepreneurs?
  • Abandon the concept of a workweek and create your own schedule?

Highlights of the Journey

Find Your North Star

  • Discover and embody your state of flow and driving values
  • Awaken your essence to create an authentic life and business
  • Awaken the creative free spirit within you

Design Your Lifestyle

  • Design your dream lifestyle, and learn how to create it
  • Explore your vision of fulfillment, freedom, and impact
  • Define what a freedom and flow looks like for you

Paint Your Vision

  • Connect with the wisdom of your best future-self
  • Articulate your integrated vision of life and business
  • Define and craft your purpose statement

Manifest Your Calling

  • Learn to activate your purpose and flow through business
  • Explore pivoting your business into alignment and flow
  • Explore new business avenues driven by your true calling

Find Your Tribe

  • Identify your ideal client – who you are destined to serve
  • See the value and unique perspective only you can offer
  • Learn the power of creating a culture – not just a business

Design Your Business

  • Translate your vision to a business
  • Explore powerful business models and revenue streams
  • Design your signature offer, customer journey, and pricing

Your Roadmap to Freedom

  • Map your 90-day plan to step into your life of freedom
  • Create energy-rich goals of inspired action
  • Identify and overcome potential blocks to success

Step Into Your Power

  • Embrace a framework of self-leadership and accountability
  • Step into a mindset of embodied leadership
  • Inspire and lead others through living your best life

What’s Included?

Weekly Group
Coaching Calls

Workbook + Study Materials

Online Space for Collaboration



Optional VIP Private Coaching

You’ll leave this journey with…

  • Discover and step into your state of flow
  • Clarity on your life’s mission and work
  • A plan of inspired action to create your dream life and business
  • A business in alignment with your deepest values and most authentic self
  • Your purpose statement
  • A business model driven by your purpose, designed to monetize your passion
  • Clarity on your ideal client – who you are destined to serve
  • Your signature offer and pricing model
  • Clarity on the unique perspective and value only you can offer
  • A newly found source of inner power
  • Mindset and lifestyle of embodied leadership
  • A newly awakened connection to the abundance of creativity and wisdom within
  • A community of like-minded, purpose-driven, freedom-seeking entrepreneurs

Are you ready to design your life,
align your business,
and amplify your impact?

Are you ready to design your life, align your business, and amplify your impact?

Journeys begin with a single step. Let’s connect.


hello (at) justinclapp (dot) com

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My Story

It all began on a cold February night in Massachusetts. A boy was born to deeply loving parents. His father was hardworking and caring. His mother was compassionate and generous. He was an only child. The first, and the last.

He was creative. He loved making things and playing make believe. He loved writing and design. He would pretend he was in far off lands halfway around the world. He would pretend he was from a time long ago.

He was sensitive and quiet. His eyes told the story of his soul. Empathetic by nature and compassionate to the core. He had a gift to share with the world. He was an old soul. Wise beyond his years.

He preferred the company of elders and would impress them with his wisdom. He preferred to chart his own course and follow his own interests. He felt as if he was from somewhere else. He often felt out of place, out of time, out of context.

Yet with each passing year, as he grew into an adult, his essence slowly fell asleep…

Chasing Success

I always had a deep inner drive to grow. I earned an MBA in global business by the age of 24. I completed post-graduate studies in design at RISD by the age of 27.

I started my own design firm at the height of the financial crisis in 2008. Everyone told me to find a job. To do what was safe. To seek security and consistency. But those words were the anthesis of everything I believed. They went against the fiber of my being.

The next decade brought far more success than I ever imagined. My business was thriving. I was earning more than I dreamed of making. I was working with notable clients around the world. My name became synonymous with good design and success.

Under the hard-driven surface, my essence was still shining through. I was seeking freedom, exploration, and discovery. I wanted to go my own way, to chart my own course.

Lonely Nights

From the outside, I was the picture of success. I was living in luxury buildings, driving BMWs, shopping in designer boutiques, collecting original art.

Yet deep within, I was unhappy. I would wake up every day with existential dread. A sinking feeling in my heart. A deep void in my soul. A sense of sorrow. A sense of betrayal. I felt I was living someone else’s life.

My days were all the same. Working away from dawn to deep in the night on projects that didn’t bring me any joy. Work for which I had lost my passion long ago.

Deep in the night I would wonder. Is this all there is? What’s the end game? How can this possibly go on forever? Where do I turn? What else could I possibly do?

I knew something had to change. I knew deep in my soul I was meant to be doing something else. Something deeper. Something of greater meaning and profound impact.

My essence within had been ignored for too long. It was fighting its way out. It wanted to be heard. It wanted to break free. It wanted to sing, dance, and play.


In my darkest hours, I was questioning everything. My career. My purpose. What I was passionate about. I was questioning the very foundation I built my life on. I was questioning the business I had created and built from nothing.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And it was a cold and grey January that he did. My teacher and guide came with a message of light, love, and abundance. A message of creative free spirit. It was time to let the façade fall. It was time to remove the mask. It was time to let my essence break free.

I learned I had lost touch of who I truly was.
I learned I had been living my life behind a mask.
I learned I had let the essence of my inner child fall asleep.

I learned to let go of what no longer served me.
I learned to silence the voice of my inner critic.
I learned to connect with the wisdom of my higher self.
I learned to follow the callings of my soul, rather than wishes of others.
I learned to unlock the creator within.
I learned to step into my power.

I learned I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
I learned I am a teacher.
I learned I am a guide.
I learned I was being called to help others like myself.


Becoming a life and executive coach was the most profound calling I have ever had. I have studied with the greatest and certified by the best. But my most profound and transformative lessons have come from my own journey of reinvention and self-discovery.

We are best positioned to help who we once were. It is my purpose to help visionary professionals and entrepreneurs awaken their purpose, and create a life of deep fulfillment and passion. I guide them to make sense of their true calling, and bring clarity, focus, and intention to their path forward.

I believe each of us has the power to create a life of freedom, abundance, and adventure. A life driven by our dreams, aligned with our deepest values, in service to our highest calling.

Join me for a journey of reinvention. Let’s discover your North Star.

Justin ClappMBA, CLC

As a life and executive coach, I work with individuals and inspired organizations around the world, guiding them on their unique journey of reinvention to a place of freedom, abundance, and adventure.

I live a location-independent lifestyle, and split my time between homes in Dubai and Boston. I am passionate about exploring far off lands and distant cultures.

I am a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and hold an MBA in global business from Clark University.

Journeys begin with a single step. Let’s talk.

Join me for a discovery call.
Let’s talk about where you are in life, and where you dream to be.

Join me for a discovery call. Let’s talk about where you are in life, and where you dream to be.