Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

Leaning Hard in the Direction of Your Dreams

20 July 2023

never imagined I’d move halfway around the world.

September 2013 was when so much would begin, and so much would change.

I was living on a tree-lined street with brick sidewalks in Boston’s Back Bay. Happy living in a beautiful city with a thriving business. Surrounded by great people and great friends.

But deep within, I felt restless. I was yearning for discovery. For exploration. To see things I’d never seen. Experience places I’d never been.

I wanted a new adventure. I wanted to discover and explore. To feel excitement. To feel more alive.

And over the coming weeks, I noticed things – synchronicities.

Watching a movie, I would notice an image.

Talking to a friend, I would hear of an experience.

Walking around Boston, I would notice billboards.

Browsing the bookstore, I would see a book protruding off the shelf.

Strangely enough, these messages and symbols were all pointing to one place. Dubai.

A far-off land halfway around the world I knew little about.

I felt a strong calling to go. A curiosity to discover a city that kept appearing through many synchronicities and messages.

Why was I being called there? I had no idea. But I wanted to find out.

So, I booked a plane ticket, a hotel, and left Boston a week later.

And that’s when the journey began.

I remember landing in Dubai after a long 12-hour flight. It was the furthest I had ever ventured alone.

I remember seeing the glistening skyline for the first time. Driving down a highway lined with the most unique architecture I had ever seen.

A city with millions of people that rose from the sand seemingly overnight.

A city lying at the crossroads of East and West.

A city where over 200 cultures and nationalities live in peace and harmony.

I felt a profound energy shift. As if a switch was turned on. A spark ignited within.

That week, I felt alive. I felt an energy of abundance. Of expansion, potential, and self-discovery.

I felt alignment.

But my week in Dubai came to end as quickly as it began.

As I returned to the routine of my life in Boston, I couldn’t forget the energy I felt in Dubai.

The contrast made it clear. I truly wanted change.

I wanted to grow. I wanted to break free.

I had a dream. I wanted to make Dubai my home.

So, I created a vision.

Every day, I would see myself living that vision.

Connecting with the energy of that vision so it felt real. Bringing the energy of the reality I wanted to create into the present moment– feeling it in the here and now.

But I knew my vision wouldn’t magically happen on its own.

So, I created a plan. And I took inspired action on that plan.

And I had a deep sense of trust my vision would unfold in the right way, at the right time. I had trust the action I was taking was moving me closer to my vision.

I visited Dubai whenever I could. Meeting people. Being open to opportunities that presented themselves. Open to whatever unfolded.

I kept connecting with my vision, taking inspired action on my goals, and trusting I was on the right path.

I kept leaning hard in the direction of my dream.

And a few years later, an opportunity presented itself to invest in my first Dubai property.

Dubai became my home.

I felt such a deep sense of gratitude for the life I created, and the journey that took me there.

manifested my vision.

Manifestation is a popular topic.

Many see it as a tool, or a process, to attract what they desire in life.

But that definition only scratches the surface. Manifestation runs far deeper.

Manifestation isn’t only about attraction.

It’s about creating a clear vision to stake claim to your dream, and tell the universe what you want.

It’s about connecting with the energy of that vision.

It’s about translating that vision into goals and taking inspired action to reach them.

It’s about trusting everything will come to you in the right way, at the right time.

Manifestation is creation.

Creation through clarity of vision, inspired action, and trust.

So, what do you want to create?

With light and abundance,