Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

Our journey is our lesson.
Our lesson is our message.

13 March 2023

Hi. I’m Justin.

I’d like to share my story with you…

I believe our journey is our lesson, and our lesson is our message.

For many years, I owned a business for which I had lost my passion. I was going through the motions. Day in, day out. Doing what I should. Pleasing everyone except myself.

From the outside, I was the picture of success. But within, I was unfulfilled. I felt numb. I felt flat.

I wanted deeper fulfillment. More freedom. I wanted purposeful impact in my life and business.

I wanted to reawaken my passion. I wanted to uncover my truth.

Through my own journey, I discovered the reason I’m here, and how I’m meant to help others. I discovered my true calling, passions, values, deepest desires, and state of flow as an entrepreneur.

I discovered my North Star.

I learned what I represent and believe at my essence. I learned what my soul stands for…

  • I believe in leaning hard in the direction of my dreams.
  • I believe in charting my own course and going my own way.
  • I believe in making quantum leaps in life, not tiny little steps.
  • I believe in following the calling of my heart and the whispers of my soul.
  • I believe in not compromising on the lifestyle I want to live and what truly makes me happy.
  • I believe in surrounding myself with like-minded people called to take the path less traveled.
  • I believe in an untethered life of location independence.
  • I believe business should be driven by our most authentic selves and the callings of our souls.

Ultimately, it’s these beliefs that inspired and empowered me to break free from my tethered life and everything that no longer served me.

Everything that was no longer in alignment with my highest-self and greatest good.

I followed my North Star and created a business to serve that calling.

A business that is a reflection of my truth and empowers the lifestyle I love to lead. A manifestation of my true calling.

And I believe we are best positioned to help who we once were.

I have first-hand experience of breaking free and creating a life and business in alignment with purpose, passion, and truth.

I have done it, and I love to help others do it too.

Now, I live the life I help others create – a life of untethered entrepreneurship.

And as a career-long entrepreneur and business coach, I am intimately familiar with creating businesses from the ground up.

But what makes me different, is I help people create or realign their business from the inside-out.

I help them design a business that is a reflection and manifestation of their true calling, values, and the unique lifestyle they want to live.

And it all begins with finding your North Star.

So, reach out and say hello. I’d love to begin a conversation:

With light and abundance,