Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

The Compass to Creating Fulfillment

8 April 2023

Fulfillment is created when WHAT we do is driven by WHY we do it.

When our doing is a reflection and manifestation of our being.

If we desire never-ending passion for our work and business, and feel connected to something greater than ourselves, WHAT we do must be driven by WHY we do it.

When there is a disconnect, we experience a lack of fulfillment.

Without clarity, we don’t fully understand what truly drives us. We go through the motions of life.

As a result, we are constantly reacting as opposed to consciously creating our future.

From creating a life and business of purpose and passion.

The essential first step to creating fulfillment is to discover your Compass.

Your Compass is your internal GPS.

It keeps you in alignment with your essence and truth.

It guides you to a place of fulfillment. It guides you to your North Star.

The foundational element of your Compass are the three coordinates of your WHY, HOW, and WHAT.

Your WHY: Your Purpose

Your WHY is your purpose. It is your core motivation and drive.

It defines what you stand for and believe at your essence and most authentic self.

Your WHY is your way of being. It is your truth.

Your HOW: Your Process

Your HOW is your process. It is what you do at your natural best.

It is the way you operate. Your unique way of creating and getting things done.

Your HOW is the action you take in alignment with your beliefs and essence.

Your WHAT: Your Product

Your WHAT is your product. It is the unique value you create and offer.

Your WHAT results from the actions of your HOW, to become a tangible manifestation of your WHY.

It is your unique gift to the world. It is what people can consistently count on from you.

It is the way you monetize your purpose and passion.

Activating Your Compass

Discovering your Compass is akin to illuminating your essence.

It is a window to who you are at your most pure and authentic level.

Your world begins to make more sense.

You understand the way you operate at your natural best.

You discover the unique value you alone can offer the world.

When you align to your Compass passion manifests and inspiration flows.

You live with purpose.

You lead with intention.

You monetize your passion.

When you activate your Compass, you are empowered to create a life and business that aligns with your true calling and naturally leads to success.

Discovering your Compass is the essential first step.

Do you have clarity on your Compass?

With light and abundance,