Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

The Power of Incremental Upgrades

30 March 2023

Always be upgrading.

There is immense power in continuously embracing small, incremental upgrades.

In our lifestyle. In our business. In our spirit.

When we have big ambitious dreams, and want to make quantum leaps in our lives, incremental upgrades are the sparks igniting the fire of success.

They enable us to step into an energy-rich state. The place where abundance and creation reign.

When we continuously upgrade all areas of our lives, we create powerful momentum.

We create a container of continuous growth and success.

We embody our goals, and stake claim to our dreams.

Incremental upgrades empower us to take conscious, deliberate steps that move us closer to our vison. Closer to our destiny. We manifest with intention and creativity.

Think about your ideal lifestyle and business.

What needs to change in your life for that dream to become reality?

What do you need to embrace and lean into? What do you need to let go of?

Four Steps to Begin Incremental Upgrades

I’d like to share a simple four step process to identify incremental upgrades you can begin to set the stage for success and creation:

Step One: Step Into Your Vision

In a quiet, uninterrupted place, think about your ideal lifestyle and business.

The vision you would just love to become reality.

Close your eyes, and really step into the energy of that vision. See yourself embodying that reality. Living that dream.

See yourself moving through your ideal day.

Take note of everything you notice. Everything you see. Everything you feel.

Step Two: Capturing Your Dream

Now, take a blank sheet of paper and fold it in three columns. Label the three respective columns: lifestyle, business, mindset.

In each column, write down what you saw and felt when you visualized a day in your ideal lifestyle and business.

Write as many things as you remember, and focus on what really resonated with you. What felt most profound and empowered.

Step Three: Identify Your Upgrades

Next, for each item you wrote under lifestyle, business, and mindset, think about where you currently are.

What is one incremental upgrade you can make for each item listed?

What can you change or shift right now in your current reality to move one step closer to your dream?

What changes can you make in your lifestyle?

What can you do differently in your business?

What mindset shifts can you make?

Step Four: Get Started!

Now it’s time to get started.

Look at the upgrades you identified, and circle three that stand out to you as relatively easy changes to make.

Pick one and commit to making that shift today.

Look at your list each day and ask yourself, what’s one incremental upgrade I can make today that will take me one step closer to my dream?

For it is through consistent incremental upgrades and small changes that we create powerful momentum that compounds over time to yield massive results.

With light and abundance,