Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

By Discovering the World, We Discover Ourselves

29 May 2023

A few weeks ago, I travelled to a magical place.

A place few know of, and even fewer have seen.

The Rub’ Al Khali – the Empty Quarter.

One of the last uninhabited places on earth.

A surreal desert expanse of undulating ochre-colored dunes caressing the clear blue sky. An area the size of France and Spain combined.

It is a silent space. A solitary place. A seemingly infinite landscape that beckons introspection and self-discovery.

It is you alone. Alone with the whispers of the warm and gentle winds. Alone with the slowly shifting ancient dunes.

It is an experience of stepping outside of time. Responsibilities and routines fade away like grains of sand in the wind.

It is an experience of complete solitude. Pure introspective bliss. Silence within. Silence without.

All that exists is who you truly are, and the vast desert expanse.

I experienced a profound moment as I stood atop a dune in silence, gazing across the landscape towards the slowly setting sun.

In awe at the evening sky filled with magical hues of amber, orange, and purple.

In that moment, I felt an incredibly deep sense of gratitude for the journey that brought me to where I was.

Gratitude for the inner calling I felt since my youth to explore and experience the world.

A calling to far off lands and distant cultures I knew nothing about, yet felt a curious yearning to discover.

Gratitude for the courage to break free, untether myself, step outside my comfort zone, and dive into the unknown.

Gratitude for the courage to move over 6000 miles away to a city that resonated deeply with me on so many levels.

For it was through those life changing experiences that I stepped into my power and learned what I am capable of.

Ultimately, I learned what we are all capable of.

I learned we are all free spirits with immense creative potential.

I learned we are all capable of creating the life we truly desire. Designing the lifestyle of our dreams and leaning into inspired action to create it.

I learned we are all capable of creating a business in alignment with our true calling. A business that embodies our truth, and empowers the lifestyle we dream of living.

And I learned that by discovering the world, we discover ourselves.

We exponentially expand by exploring far off lands and distant cultures.

We expand our consciousness and our awareness.

We evolve and grow by stepping out of our comfort zones – mentally, emotionally, physically, geographically, and culturally.

We break free from the identities and routines of our doing, and reconnect with who we truly are within – our being.

We reawaken our deepest selves.

We reconnect with universal truths that unite us all.

So, where is your heart calling you to explore?

By journeying afar, what might you discover within?

Your Roadmap to Freedom

Every journey into unchartered lands requires a map. It requires a guide.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I created Roadmap to Freedom, an eight-week journey of lifestyle and business design, to empower you and guide you to reawaken your passion and manifest your true calling.

So, are you ready to create the life and business of your dreams?

With light and abundance,