Justin Clapp Reinvention Coach

Six Steps to Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams

22 March 2023

“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.”

It is one of my favorite quotes by the poet Rumi.

It captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Why we chart our own course. Why we go our own way.

It offers a clue to the path of fulfillment – aligning what we do with what we love.

Fulfillment is created when our doing, becomes a reflection of our being – who we are and what we stand for at our essence and truth.

As entrepreneurs, we create a business to do what we love.

But sometimes, as our business evolves and grows over the years, we can be pulled away from that original spark of passion. That spellbinding state of flow where it all began.

We can get caught up going through the motions of the day to day, and lose sight of the deeper purpose that inspired our journey.

We fall out of alignment. We slowly fall asleep to our essence and truth.

This ignites a slow-burning ember of discontent. A feeling that something is missing.

We all reach this place at some point. It is a crossroads.

It is an invitation to realign our doing, with our being.

It is an invitation to a journey of reinvention – to reawaken our passion and manifest our true calling.

A journey of designing the life and business of our dreams – a reflection of our purpose, values, and the unique lifestyle we want to live.

The journey has six steps. And it begins by looking within…

Six Steps to Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams

1. Find Your North Star

The journey begins with finding your North Star – your life’s mission and work. Your North Star is the amalgamation of your true calling, passions, values, deepest desires, and state of flow as an entrepreneur. Finding your North Star is a journey of discovering and awakening your essence. It is a journey back to your being.

2. Design Your Lifestyle

To live in fulfillment, your business must empower the lifestyle you desire, rather than your business tethering you to a particular way of life. Do you want a life of location independence? Do you want to work three days a week? These considerations will drive the business model, offerings, and team you create.

3. Find Your Tribe

Our journey is our lesson, and our lesson is our message. The golden thread connecting your experiences, challenges, and successes in life and business offers a clue to who you are destined to serve. It provides clarity on the unique value and perspective only you can offer others in service of your North Star. We are best positioned to help who we once were.

4. Manifest Your Calling

With clarity on your North Star, ideal lifestyle, and who you are meant to serve, it’s time to align your doing with your being. By leaning hard in the direction of your North Star, what new business can you create to manifest your true calling? Or how can you redesign your existing business to align with your truth?

5. Design Your Business

With clarity on your doing, it’s time to design a business model to catalyze your vision and empower the unique lifestyle you want to live. What signature offer will best serve your ideal client? What is your pricing model? What team can you create that will empower you to stay in your zone of genius and state of flow?

6. Step Into Your Power

Now it’s time to bring your vision to life. It’s time to step into a mindset and presence of embodied leadership. It’s time to inspire and lead others, and show them what is possible by living your best life. It begins with creating energy-rich goals of inspired action, and embracing a framework of self-leadership and accountability. It’s time to manifest your true calling.

Your Roadmap to Freedom

Every journey into unchartered lands requires a map. It requires a guide.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I created Roadmap to Freedom, an eight-week journey of lifestyle and business design, to empower you and guide you to reawaken your passion and manifest your true calling.

So, are you ready to create the life and business of your dreams?

With light and abundance,